Native Irish Honey Bee Society – Apis mellifera mellifera

Native Irish Honey Bee Society
Apis mellifera mellifera

NIHBS General Practices

GeneralPracticesRatified20160615  (word doc)

  1. Except where Officers, Committee members or other individuals are specifically tasked with disseminating information or otherwise acting on behalf of NIHBS, all Minutes, correspondence and other matters discussed in meetings of the Committee and duly appointed sub-committees, shall be treated as confidential.


  1. All meetings of the Committee shall be conducted in an orderly fashion:


  1. It shall be the role of the Chair to ensure meetings are conducted in an orderly fashion;
  2. all those in attendance shall display mutual tolerance and respect;
  3. persistent interrupting or talking across another Committee member shall not be tolerated;
  4. all those in attendance will be presented with the opportunity to speak on all agenda items by the Chair;
  5. where a matter or matters under discussion cannot be agreed or where the discussion becomes unnecessarily protracted, the Chair shall be entitled to:
    1. bring that discussion to a close or
    2. to postpone it to a later date or
  • to refer it to a duly appointed sub-committee.


  1. At all times the agenda shall be strictly adhered to.


  1. All points for discussion should be forwarded to the Secretary at least 2 days in advance of the meeting.


  1. Where possible, Officers and Committee Members shall endeavor to give advance notice of points for discussion rather than raise them under the heading of AOB.
  2. Where matters must be raised under AOB, the subject matter shall be identified after matters arising from the previous minutes have been dealt with. Where this is not done, the matter shall be tabled for discussion at the next committee meeting.


  1. Reports to be discussed e.g. reports from Regional Organisers, should forwarded to the Secretary no later than two days prior to meeting and shall then be circulated to the committee for consideration.


  1. Regional Reports shall follow the template provided for that purpose. See Appendix 1
  1. All apologies must be forwarded to the Secretary prior to the meeting.


  1. An attendance roll for Committee meetings shall be maintained and made available for reference at the AGM of the Society.


  1. All committee members must be willing to undertake reasonable tasks as required .


  1. Nothing may be issued into the public domain that purports to represent the views, aims or objectives of NIHBS by any Committee member without prior express approval by the Chairman and at least one other Committee member.


  1. Proper and transparent financial records must be maintained at all times. Books and records shall be made available on request for inspection by members of the Society.


  1. To be eligible for reimbursement from funds held by NIHBS, all reasonable expenditure and expenses incurred in transacting the business of NIHBS or in furtherance of the Society’s stated aims and objectives must receive prior written approval from the Chairman and Treasurer or from a full and minuted meeting of the Committee.


  1. The Chairman and Treasurer, acting together, can authorize expenditure and expenses up to a maximum of €200.00 or the Sterling equivalent. Expenditure and expenses above this sum require the authorization of the Committee.
  2. Where the running total of expense reimbursement claimed by a member of the society exceeds €200.00, subsequent applications for reimbursement will require authorization by the Committee.


  1. All expenses must be claimed within one month, if not they shall be deemed to be a donation to the Society and recorded as such in the accounts.



NIHBS: Regional Report



Region:___________________________        Date:_________________________





  1. Membership (include changes since last report)




  1. Brief report on events: meetings, workshops, seminars, lectures, research, etc.




  1. Programme of future events promoting aims of NIHBS.




  1. Any other activity – (are there photos available?)




Regional Organiser:________________________________________

(name &  email address)