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May 2021
See our new full colour Booklet ‘Ireland’s Bees’ by John
Breen (€4), which is an introduction to Bumblebees and
Solitary Bees.


The full price list and bank details are here

All Information Leaflets/Booklets available for purchase at NIHBS events and by post.
10 Beekeeping Leaflets (all at €/£2.50):-
 Healthy Bees – Dennis Ryan,
 Finding the Queen, Marking and Clipping – Micheál Mac Giolla Coda,
 Queen Introduction – Jane Sellers
 Queen Rearing – Tom Prendergast
 Apideas – Jane Sellers
 Nucs – Irene Power
 Setting up a Queen Rearing Group – Jonathan Getty
 Hygiene for Beekeepers – Willie O’Byrne
 Decoy Hives – Alan Forskitt
 Rewilding – Micheál Mac Giolla Coda
Discount – Any 5 or more leaflets for €/£2 each (plus €/£2.50 P & P)
5 Beekeeping Booklets:-
 Swarming – Redmond Williams, €/£3.00
 How to Improve your local Bees – Michael Maunsell, €/£4.00
 Genetics – Helen Mooney, €/£4.00
 A Beekeeping Regime that facilitates Varroa Tolerance
in Honeybees – John McMullan. €/£4.00
 Honey Production with the Native Irish Honey Bee – Eoghan Mac Giolla Coda,
Discount – Any 3 or more for €/£3 each (plus €/£3.40 P & P)
2 General Interest Booklets:-
 Bees and the Environment – Willie O’Byrne, €/£3.00
 Ireland’s Bees – John Breen, €/£4.00
Discount – We are now offering these two general interest Booklets separately from the
others for a special price of €/£5 plus €/£1 P & P
Special Offer!
We can post leaflets/booklets up to 500g for €3.40 within Ireland, so you can
get all 10 Beekeeping Leaflets and 5 Booklets for €/£33 + €3.40 P & P
The easiest way to pay is via Paypal from NIHBS website, click on the ‘About us’ Tab, then
on ‘NIHBS Information Leaflets’ where you can see the titles.
From the ‘About us’ tab, choose ‘Support our work – make a donation’ then click the
‘Donate button’ for payment. Please mention in the comments section that payment is for
Leaflets/Booklets, and email with your order, name and address.
You can also pay by bank transfer:
Bank: AIB, Upper Salthill, Galway
A/C Name: The Native Irish Honey Bee Society
A/C No. 25261056
Sort Code: 937401
IBAN: IE75 AIBK 9374 0125 2610 56

Cheques / postal orders should be made payable to the Native Irish Honey Bee Society, just
email with your name, address and order details.


Full colour Booklet on ‘Ireland’s Bees’
by John Breen. “There are about 98 species of
bees in Ireland and this booklet is an introduction to
our Irish Bees”.
This is ideal for beekeepers to learn more about
other bees and for friends & family who are not
beekeepers to read about some Solitary bees and
Its now available as a set, along with ‘Bees and the
Environment’ by Willie O’ Byrne.
“In recent history, Ireland was well populated
with honeybees, living off a land abounding with
forage, uncontaminated and pure.”
(see above for special offer).