Kilkenny Castle









Kilkenny Castle & grounds are a Heritage Ireland site extending to fifty-two acres and situated in the centre of Kilkenny city. There Is a mix of parkland, woodland and meadows. We try to encourage as much biodiversity as possible, and we create habitat for all sorts of flora and fauna.





The Native Irish Honey Bee (Amm) is a unique black bee that we would love to help preserve. We intend to introduce only Amm bees to our site and the objective will be to increase the population in the park. We have been working with the Native Irish Honey Bee Society (NIHBS) to declare the safe haven so badly needed.





At present we have one National hive and a nuc of Amm ordered. Our ambition is to continue to increase this year on year.





There are also two “wild colonies” in the castle park which swarmed into Barn owl nest boxes, (made by our staff), and a further four “wild colonies” in the castle walls !! We have built a prototype log hive to our own design which we hope to hang soon and populate with another Amm colony. 





We have declared a Native Irish Honey Bee Society (NIHBS) Conservation Area because we wish to create a protected area for our Native Honey Bee, which we believe deserves special conservation attention. 





Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel, Adare.





A 44-acre site with bees and Organic produce 





Irish Cement Platin Drogheda 





Irish Cement has several Amm hives on their 800-acre site and is committed to their biodiversity behaviours to the Native Irish honey bee. 





Carlow BKA 





 Heywood Gardens, OPW, Laois. 





South Tipperary, The Apple Farm





 Fingal North Dublin BKA



Modomnóc CA






Encompassing Garristown, North County Dublin and some surrounding townlands in an approximate 15km radius. 





Modomnóc is fabled to have travelled by sea between Wales and Ireland bringing swarms of bees on the mastheads. He was also able to achieve all this without being stung !! Modomnoc’s talking to his bees is in keeping with an Irish folklore custom of ‘Telling the Bees’ which ensures that the bees do not feel any offence due to exclusion from family affairs and so will remain with the hive. It was believed that if one didn’t tell the bees of a wedding, a birth, or a death they would take offence and leave. 










This encompasses Ballymachugh, Castlerahan and Mountnugent areas. Amm breeders and keen supporters of the QRGs. The challenge was to declare irrespective of local Association because they strongly believe that the CA’s needed support.









West Co. Waterford 





South Tipperary





North Co.Kildare










Co. Offaly





South Co. Laois