NIHBS Queen Rearing Group Scheme Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

The aims of the groups are as below:-
  • To establish small groups who wish to learn the skills needed to carry out their own queen rearing proficiently.
  • Assist the groups by mentoring and tuition to achieve the same.
  • Help the groups to manage themselves efficiently to their best advantage.
  • Ensure that the groups have good quality genetic material to breed from.
  • Make sure that the groups have the correct equipment to carry out the task and to advise them on its use.
  • At the end of the scheme the beekeepers involved will have sufficient skills and proficiency to pass on these to others in the future.

The objectives of the scheme are:-
  • That each member will become proficient in queen rearing.
  • The group will reach pre set goals throughout the duration of the scheme (2+ years)
  • The members will be able to continue queen rearing after the end of the scheme.
  • Excess queens will be raised in year one for donation to local keepers to raise the quality of their bees in the area.
  • Queens will continue to be raised in year two with a view to distributing to the public.
  • The knowledge gained will be passed on to others in the future.
  • The groups will be able in part to assist in the setting up of future groups (year three)
  • The genetic stocks of the native Irish honeybee will be improved in the areas around the locality of the groups.
  • More queens will be available for sale nationwide in the coming years.

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