Native Irish Honey Bee Society – Apis mellifera mellifera

Native Irish Honey Bee Society
Apis mellifera mellifera

Honey Bee and Queen Improvement Day and BBQ Banbridge, Saturday 19th August 2023

Event: NIHBS Honey Bee & Queen Improvement Day Banbridge, the Native Irish Honey Bee Society

Date & Time: Saturday 19th August 2023, 14:00-17:00 (2pm-5pm)

Location: Graceystown Road, Banbridge BT32 4DZ

Attire: You must wear a clean bee suit and nitrile gloves will be provided.

Insurance: All attendees must be covered by insurance, i.e. they must be fully paid up members of an association affiliated to FIBKA or IBA or UBKA or INIB.

Geoff Davidson, Association chairman – 07710589261 or

After the success of our event last year, we invite you to pre-register for BBQ after the NIHBS Honeybee Improvement & Queen-Rearing Workshops.

There will be a £10.00 (or 10.00 Euro) charge for the day, which includes the BBQ and ongoing refreshments. We need an RSVP by email, or phone if you are attending (for catering reasons). There will be tea/coffee refreshments available during the day.

This is the second year that the wildflower meadow has been planted, and although later this year, it is now in full bloom, so you are all invited to attend and see the results for yourselves. There is also 17 acres of native woodland adjoining the apiary, and you are welcome to walk through this and enjoy the trees, plants and wildlife.

Per all other NIHBS Open Days, NIHBS have a €10 cover charge.

Programme for the day:
 2.00pm – Sign in and join one of six groups (rotating the stands below)
Stand 1 – Breeding Selection
Stand 2 – Grafting
Stand 3 – Apideas
Stand 4 – Cloak Board System
Stand 5 – Alternative Systems
Stand 6 – Introduction and care of hatched queens

An additional stand on ‘What to look for during Hive Inspections’ will be held for all groups after the other stands finish.

‘Burkes Bees’ will be in attendance during the afternoon, with the usual wide range of beekeeping equipment and needs. If you would like Richard to bring something specific, you can contact him before the event. (Ph. 028 38 841155)

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