Native Irish Honey Bee Society – Apis mellifera mellifera

Native Irish Honey Bee Society
Apis mellifera mellifera

NIHBS members – new and old

Welcome to the Native Irish Honeybee Society!

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We are delighted to have you as a member of NIHBS.

NIHBS was established in November 2012 by a group of beekeepers who wished to support the various strains of the native Irish honeybee (Apis mellifera mellifera) throughout the country. It is a cross-border organisation, open to all, that consists of members and representatives from all corners of the island of Ireland.

Over the years we have worked hard to promote the conservation, study, improvement and re-introduction of Apis mellifera mellifera (native Irish honey bees) throughout the island of Ireland, and also to establish conservation areas throughout the island, to promote the formation of bee improvement groups, to provide education and increase public awareness of the native Irish honey bee and its importance, to advise groups and individuals who wish to promote Apis mellifera mellifera, to co-operate with other beekeeping organisations with similar aims and to seek the help of the scientific community and other stakeholders in achieving our aims and objectives.

Some of the benefits of NIHBs membership include the following: –

· The Four Seasons/Ceithre Ráithe na Bliana Magazine, our topical quarterly colour magazine 

· Access to back issues of The Four Seasons via the website *New! 

· Monthly email newsletter

· Information on beekeeping events around Ireland – North and South

· NIHBS honey labels 

· Queen rearing workshops, groups, talks and lectures (Covid dependent)

· Information on how to obtain native honeybees 

· Ability to become an approved supplier of Native Honeybee Queens/Bees

· Discounted entrance fees to conferences and events run by NIHBS

· Eligibility to schemes coordinated by NIHBS

· Participation in work to conserve Ireland’s native honeybee

· Access to a network of like minded beekeepers

If you feel you would like to become more actively involved in our work, please get in touch as your support and skills will be greatly appreciated. 

Our numbers are growing, and we look forward to working with you towards our common goal i.e. conservation and protection of the native Irish honey bee, Apis mellifera mellifera.

All the best from NIHBS

Aideen Day, Membership Officer

Aoife Nic Giolla Coda, Chairperson

Aideen Day

Membership Secretary
Native Irish Honey Bee Society
Apis mellifera mellifera

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