Queen Rearing

This page contains news and information about the queen rearing groups throughout Ireland working with our native honeybee Apis mellifera mellifera

Some of them will have native queens for sale, so contact each group individually to check prices and availability. In some cases such as GBBG queens need to be pre ordered and paid for well in advance of the summer so last minute enquiries are unlikely to be successful.

Belfast Minnowburn queen rearing group

Dromore queen rearing group

Killinchy queen rearing group

Galtee bee breeding group (GBBG)

Menapian Bee Breeding group

Déise Bee Breeders

6 Responses to Queen Rearing

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  2. david says:

    Your link to the Déise Bee Breeders takes you to their (or someones) WordPress login page … http://nihbs.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=767&action=edit&message=1 … I suspect this isn’t what’s intended 😉

  3. RuRy Rudd says:

    The link in your reply works, but the link on the main page leads to a log in (which is the complaint that David made. The link needs to be amended.

  4. webmaster says:

    ok thanks. The link should be fixed now.

  5. Amy Jennings says:

    Hi, I’m based in Wicklow Glendalough. are there any queen rearing groups near by?

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