NIHBS cannot directly supply nucs or queens but you are welcome to check out availability with the contacts below.

Aoife Nic Giolla Coda, Dark Galtee Queens,
galteebees @ 0876743030

Jonathan Getty, native queens (NI and GB only at present)
native queen bees

Damian Walsh (Donegal) – queens:  dcwalsh60 @

Keith Pierce (Dublin area) nucs

Michael Wildes (Wexford) nucs

Coolmore (Cork) nucs and queens

30 Responses to Nucs/Queens

  1. webmaster says:

    Patrick. I think nucs are in very short supply after the heavier than usual winter losses. have you tried Coolmore in Cork? They usually do a lot of nucs of dark bees.

  2. Patrick McGeady says:

    They are sold out this year.

  3. Ashley O'Rourke says:


    I am looking for a swarm of bees, I have a Top Bar Hive and so a Nuc wouldn’t work. Thank you

  4. Kevin Dunne says:

    Where may I purchase a Nuc of Bees this late in the season?

  5. webmaster says:

    Michael Wildes often has nucs for sale.

  6. webmaster says:

    You could try the usual suspects, Pat Deasy, Ger Coyne, John Summerville, Keith Pierce etc. Aoife and Micheál are fully booked up.

  7. Margaret and Richard Cox says:

    Just started beekeeping, we have a hive and we’re looking for a nuc – can you advise?

  8. Stephen Maguire says:

    Hi there, where might I find a queen at this time of year?

  9. Pauline Walsh says:

    looking for a list of reputable Nuc Suppliers for next spring. New Association 3 Counties BKA in south east limerick. Beginners course running at the moment and want to be able to furnish good suppliers. One member bought on Done Deal I want to keep the supplies healthy stock

  10. stephen says:

    I was wondering if anyone is planning to have Black bee nucs for sale in Northern Ireland for early 2017? tia

  11. webmaster says:

    There are a few who sell nucs but they are a pretty mixed bag. Might need to requeen later.

  12. webmaster says:

    I think there are plans to publish a list on this website so keep an eye out for that next spring.

  13. stephen says:

    Thanks will do … and if anyone has Native bee nucs for 2017 do give me a shout please.

  14. Fred godwin says:

    Hi I wonder if you can help me I am looking of some over wintered Nucs for spring 2017 .could you put me in contact with any one in your club ? Regards Fred godwin

  15. webmaster says:

    Hi Fred. Where are you based?

  16. Siobhan Greene says:

    Hi . I’m a new beekeeper I would like to know where I can purchase a mic for this coming season? Tia

  17. Siobhan greene says:

    Hi. I would be so grateful if you could help. I’m a new beekeeper and I need to purchase a nuc of bees ? I’m based in the north west. Tia

  18. Siobhan Greene says:

    Hi folks. I would be very grateful if you could help me out. I’m a new beekeeper and I need to purchase a nuc of bees. I live in the north west of the country. Tia

  19. webmaster says:

    Hi Siobhan. NIHBS does not sell nucs directly but with luck a member will contact you via your comment.

  20. Hilary Ellis says:

    Hi – I’m also hoping for a nuc of bees for a Warre hive, County Cork.
    Coolmore Bees are already booked up for nuc supplies this year (I didn’t get my order in early enough!).
    If anyone can help out I’d be very grateful.
    Really hoping I don’t have to let another year pass by…

  21. Fred godwin says:

    Hi Fred Godwin here based in west port

  22. Ronan Watters says:

    New to beepkeeping. Presently doing the introduction course. Would be very interested in purchasing some nucs this year. In the Meath/westmeath area.

  23. brian says:

    Looking for a nuc of native bee. Am starting out, live in an isolated part so don’t want to introduce anything but the Irish bee.
    If anyone has a noc for sale in cork, please email me.
    Thanks in advance

  24. Martin Cumiskey says:

    I plan to start this year and I was looking for a nuc of native bees in County Louth. Please email me if anyone can help. Thanks.

  25. gerard kervick says:


    am new to bees and looking for a nuc of native bee if possible. Bruff area (east Limerick)

    gerard kervick

  26. David Morris II says:

    I live in Southeastern United States, I am a member here twice, as well as BIBBA, and several other clubs in the U.K, and Ireland. I wanted to know where I can purchase any type of amm, who ships to United States, Savannah, Ga.



  27. Kate says:

    Looking for a nuc in cork . Was promised one earlier in the year but think I have been let down due to them ignoring all contact unfortunately.

  28. webmaster says:

    Not sure it is legal to ship to the US from Europe. Have you got information on the regulatory and legal issues involved?

  29. kieran Behan says:

    im looking for a queen

  30. webmaster says:

    Hi Kieran. NIHBS does not sell queens but some of the members might be able to help if you contact them directly

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