Nucs/Queens Supplier Form

A voluntary undertaking concerning the supply of honey bees to the public.

The Native Irish Honey Bee Society was established in part to:

  • Promote the conservation, study, improvement and re-introduction of the native Irish honey bee, Apis mellifera mellifera, throughout the island of Ireland.

In support of this work, I hereby undertake to fully support the aims and objectives of the Native Irish Honey Bee Society as set out in that organisation’s constitution.

I hereby confirm that to the best of my knowledge, the honey bees I produce for sale are Apis mellifera mellifera.

I undertake to provide on request, bee samples from any and all of my apiaries and colonies of honey bees for the purpose of DNA analysis to determine purity of stock. This will only apply when the DNA analysis system is verified and operational.

I confirm that I subscribe to the principle of not importing honey bees from outside the island of Ireland.

Supplier Application Form

Contact details to appear on the NIHBS website and in The Four Seasons: