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All Beekeeping Leaflets & Booklets

Please note that the Leaflets/Booklets listed below are now included in the new NIHBS book.

  • Setting up a Queen Rearing Group
  • How to Improve your Local Bees
  • Genetics
  • Bees and the Environment
  • Honey Production with the Native Irish Honey Bee
  • Queen Introduction
  • Queen Rearing
  • Apideas
  • Nucs

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Healthy Bees

How to recognise healthy bees, how to keep them healthy, how to spot disease and what to do when you find something sinister.

Dennis Ryan

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Finding the Queen, Marking and Clipping

Finding the queen can be challenging particularly for beginners. Micheál’s guidelines will tell you where and how to look for her and what to do when you find her.

Micheál Mac Giolla Coda

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Queen Introduction*

Tried and trusted methods of queen introduction suitable for most beekeeping conundrums. Includes how to be sure you are as queenless as you think you are.

Jane Sellers

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Queen Rearing*

Queen rearing is not rocket science. It’s for all beekeepers. Tom explains how it’s done - from records to selection, grafting and setting up a cell-raiser.

Tom Prendergast

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Mating nucs are a great way of getting a new queen laying using the minimum resources. Here’s how to set up and run an Apidea.

Jane Sellers

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Nuc production is good management practice and a great way of increasing your stocks. Irene’s straight-forward instructions will show you how it’s done.

Irene Power

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Setting up a Queen Rearing Group*

Queen rearing can seem challenging but a problem shared is a problem halved. Jonathan Getty shares the wisdom of his experience and tells how it’s done.

Jonathan Getty

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Hygiene for Beekeepers

Cleanliness is next to Godliness especially in beekeeping. Learn how to keep your equipment clean and your bees healthy.

Willie O’Byrne

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Using Decoy Hives to Capture Swarms

Decoy hives are simple boxes set up to attract swarming bees - be they your bees or wild bees. Advice on making and siting one and what to do if you get lucky.

Alan Forskitt

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Honey bees can only rewild themselves when they learn how to cope with Varroa and beekeepers can take part in the search for resistant strains in their own bees.

Micheál Mac Giolla Coda

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Swarming and how to control it is at the heart of all beekeeping activities. So you need to know what it is and how to control it. Redmond tells all here.

Redmond Williams

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How to Improve Your Local Bees*

The bees native to your area have survived and adapted well to local conditions. Here is how to improve them - it is easier than you might think.

Michael Maunsell

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Honey Bee Genetics*

Honey Bee genetics governs every trait and our success as beekeepers is bound up in the very fabric of our bees. Made understandable and accessible here.

Helen Mooney

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A Beekeeping Regime that facilitates Varroa Tolerance in Honeybees

This booklet is based on beekeeping experience and original research in County Dublin and explains how Varroa tolerance without treatment can be achieved.

John McMullan

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Honey Production with the Native Irish Honey Bee*

Eoghan is a commercial beekeeper in Co. Louth. Here he explores the potential of the native bee in honey production and describes his method.

Eoghan Mac Giolla Coda

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