Native Irish Honey Bee Society – Apis mellifera mellifera

Native Irish Honey Bee Society
Apis mellifera mellifera

Déise Bee Breeders

Contact: Pat Déise
Based in West Waterford
Pat leads the first group- young and old in the art breeding native Irish honey bees.
Pat Deasy leads a group in the Apiary.

The Native Irish Honey Bee Society, in conjunction with Déise Bee Breeders, hosted an apiary demonstration of bee breeding in West Waterford on Sunday 26th May.

Bee Keepers at the recent Bee Breeding Workshop- 26th May- 2013.
Some of those who attended, from the East Cork Bee keepers Association, Co. Waterford Bee keepers Association, Deise Bee Breeders and also members of the NIHBS.

Over thirty bee keepers, novices and experienced, were introduced to all aspects of successful breeding. Pat Deasy who hosted the demonstration at his Apiary near Youghal, along with PJ Curran, gave us the benefit of their many years of experience, capably covering topics such as selection, grafting, and the use of apidea boxes.

Apidea Box and it-s use with PJ.
PJ demonstrates how to use Apidea boxes.
Those who attended learnt about Apidea mating boxes, Cloake boards and the Ben Harden method of breeding, as well as getting hands on experience of how to best choose a suitable larva and to graft same.

The two hours of intense learning was followed by a welcome cuppa and tasty home baking, courtesy of Sheila Deasy and family, ably assisted by Mary Curran. The afternoon has left us with lots to work towards and we look forward to moving forwards, supporting each other in pursuit of the aims and objectives of the NIHBS, as defined at the inaugural meeting of the Society in November, last year. Thank you Pat, PJ and all of the Deasy Clan!!

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  1. Morning
    Just wondering do u know where i can get local honey. Im living in portlaw. Hayfever has taken over !!!!

    Kind Regards

  2. hi there i would like to know if anyone in your association will have any nucs for sale in the next few months. I had a hive but unfortunately they were not strong enough and the cold snap last week killed them off. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated thanks pat

  3. Hi. We have flamingo tree in our garden and I have just noticed a large amount of wasps/bees and flies on it. The stalks seem to be black and around base of tree is like as if oil was spilled there. Could you give me any ideas of how to get rid of these wasps/bees without being cruel to them.

    Thank you

  4. Hey Brighid, i live in Youghal and am a member of the East Cork Association. We usually run beginners classes in Spring. Email me on kevin [at] irishbeekeeping [.] ie and id be happy to give ya more details or answer any other questions you might have

  5. Hi Kevin , Brighid Foley here , I took your advice and have just finished the 6 week course in Dungarvan this is my 3rd course 2 in Cork and now one in Dungarvan. I think I am now ready to get bees and would appreciate your advice re type of hive where to situate it and what to do internet was down for a few weeks I apologise for late reply

  6. Hi guys.think I’ve a honey bee swarm in a little tree right outside my door after arriving in the last hour or so.any ideas what i should do? Dungarvan area

  7. I have about 30 honey bees gathering on my compost bin I would love to try and start a hive with them but not sure if there is a queen there.
    Any advice.

  8. Hi we have a swarm of bees that have made a home in an old cosy in a shed we have placed the cosy outside the shed on a balcony also there is a hive of wasps inside a a fence with a sort of football shaped hive.what will we do in both cases. Alice

  9. Dear Pat
    I live nearDungarvan and would like to do the beginners course in beekeeping I haven’t seen any posters for the course
    Could you let me know please if you are aware of any coming up
    Many thanks
    Helen McCabe

  10. Hi just wondering can someone help I have a bee hive in a room that’s not been used in an old house we live in .we left it there all summer and now I’m getting worried I think some of the bees are spreading to other parts of the house as the kids have been stung a few times this week.could you give me advice on Simone in my area who might be interested in taking the bees I’m in the .old parish dungarvan area my name is Clodagh

  11. Hi how things , was looking up galtae bees and I saw your posting. If they are bees and the nest is easy to get at and they are still there , I might be able to get them. It is a bit late in the year, that’s if they are still there.

  12. Hi,
    We have recently moved to a rural location to the east of Cappoquin and, despite all the spring blossom, have been surprised to see almost no honey bees.
    Would there be any benefit/interest in us hosting some hives for the summer? We have a big garden.

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