Native Irish Honey Bee Society – Apis mellifera mellifera

Native Irish Honey Bee Society
Apis mellifera mellifera

Belfast Minnowburn queen rearing group

Based at Minnowburn near Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast

Has members from Belfast, Dromore, Killinchy, East Antrim, and INIB associations.
meets at 7.00pm Monday evenings

Contact: Jonathan Getty

NIHBS hosted a beekeeper queenrearing skills and training day at the site on 3rd August 2013 for beekeepers interested in starting up a queenrearing group in their own association.

Group photo NIHBS Queen rearing group training event

Course participants, demonstrators and helpers.

Back Rows Left to right
Thomas Morrison, Iris Tweed, Damian Walsh, Angus McRoberts, Jen Simpson, Trevor Watson, Chester Roulston, Darren Nugent, Noel McAllister, Robert McCreary, David Todd, John Ross, Brian Richardson, Ronnie Freeburn, John Flemming, Nick Goodwin, Stephen Robinson, Seamus Murphy, Alan Brady, Lyndon Wortley, Phelim Breen, Niamh McCabe
Seated: Alan Jones, Alan Rea, David Dumican, Willy Blakeley, Jonathan Getty.
Photographer, Conall McCaughey

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  1. I am a member of the randalstown bee association, and the East Antrim bee association. I never have kept bees before and I amcompleting the starter course at Greenmount college. I am wanting to start and keep bees and am enquiring the best way to obtain a nuc of the native black bee with a mated queen.
    James Ellison Co Antrim Mobile 07769744781

    1. East Antrim association are starting up a queen rearing group this year based on the native bee.
      Bill Rafferty and Stephen Robinson would be the people to talk to.

      I will have native queens for sale from June but have no plans to sell nucs at the moment.

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