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Apis mellifera mellifera

Introgression in Irish Honey Bees

Dive into the latest research on modelling introgression in Irish honey bee populations!

Led by Irene de Carlos, Laura Strachan, Grace McCormack, Gregor Gorjanc, and Jana Obšteter, the study explores the impact of imported honey bee queens on Ireland’s native population.

As Ireland sees a rise in imported honey bee queens, introgression—the transfer of genetic material—disrupts gene complexes honed by years of adaptation. Their simulation tool allows us to quantify introgression levels and predict the consequences of honey bee imports.

Preliminary results suggest even a modest increase in imports can lead to significant introgression, with the Irish population becoming up to 54% introgressed after ten years of sustained importation at 20%.

Join us in unraveling the intricate dynamics of honey bee genetics and its implications for Ireland’s beekeeping industry!

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