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Beekeeping In Dublin – Advance Your Queen Rearing Skills

Dublin Beekeepers

If you are a Beekeeper in Dublin, with beekeeping experience, and tired of buying queens from unreliable sources, then it is time to develop your queen-rearing skills and protect the Native Irish Honeybee.

Queen Rearing

Queen rearing starts with Grafting larva from a pure AMM queen. This is a skill learned and involves a steady hand and a good eye. Done with a flexible ‘spatula-like’ tool, such as the Chinese grafting tool, or a solid metal tool, such as a dentist’s excavator. The Chinese grafting tool has the advantage of transferring a bed of royal jelly along with the larvae. Each larva is picked up by approaching from the outer convex curve of its ‘c’ shape. The completed grafts are returned to the rearing colony as soon as possible.


South Dublin Queen Rearing – New Member Presentation

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