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Coloss questionnaire

COLOSS: Honey Bee Winter Colony Loss Survey
Dear Beekeeper,
Your contribution to this annual survey on colony losses would be much appreciated. The
survey aims to identify the percentage colony losses being experienced by beekeepers at
both a national and regional level and to identify the possible causes for these losses. To
facilitate this type of an analysis, it is important that as many beekeepers as possible
participate and all the questions in the survey are answered. At various points in the
questionnaire, there are short statements marked as Information. These are highlighted in
Red and aim to explain the logic of the questions that follow.
Please send completed questionnaires to:
John Breen, Bee Survey, University of Limerick, Limerick
ALL completed surveys should be returned by 27 June 2022.
From May 6st, the questionnaire may also be completed online using a link which will be available on the webpages of FIBKA, NIHBS and IBA CLG.
It is important that each beekeeper only completes the survey once.

The Coloss questionnaire can be downloaded here

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