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Native Irish Honey Bee Society
Apis mellifera mellifera

Annual COLOSS survey

This annual COLOSS Survey is a key task in the National Apiculture Programme and is part of an international survey on monitoring winter colony losses across Europe and beyond. To ensure that the data collected is representative of Irish beekeeping, it is pertinent that as many beekeepers as possible complete the Survey. Irrespective of the number of colonies you have, or the number of years you are beekeeping, please consider completing the Survey. It is a relatively simple survey which aims to quantify winter colony losses as well as identifying possible causes. The preliminary analysis of the Irish data from last year’s COLOSS survey will be  published in the next edition of the IBA newsletter and An Beachaire.

The format and time frame for the dissemination of this year’s  survey remains the same, therefore like previous years, the survey will be available online on the National Apiculture Programme webpage at

You can download the survey form here

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