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COLOSS: Honey Bee Colony Loss/Survival Survey 2019/2020

COLOSS: Honey Bee Colony Loss/Survival Survey


Dear Secretary and fellow beekeepers
This short correspondence is a reminder that it is now time to complete the year’s annual
COLOSS survey on winter colony losses. To ensure that the data collected is representative
of Irish beekeeping, it is pertinent that as many beekeepers as possible complete the
Survey. Irrespective of the number of colonies you have, or the number of years you are
beekeeping, please consider completing the Survey. It is a relatively simple survey which
aims to quantify winter colony losses as well as identifying possible causes.
Since 2008, this annual COLOSS survey has been carried out as part of the National
Apiculture Programme. However this year, because the 2019-2022 National Apiculture
Programme is still out for tender, John Breen and I have agreed to conduct this year’s
COLOSS survey in a personal capacity, thus ensuring the continuity of the monitoring
programme. We obtained an extension of the University of Limerick Ethics Permission to
conduct it. This means that personal information in the responses will be treated in
accordance with the conditions of the Ethics permission: the data will only be accessed by
John Breen and me for the purpose of the Survey, and no other purpose. Any data passed to the central COLOSS consortium will be anonymized (no names and no actual addresses). The data will be stored on a password protected and encrypted laptop owned by the University of Limerick. Because of the Covid-19 situation, neither John nor I may have access to our work addresses; hence I am using my HOME address as the return address for the paper version of the Survey.
The format of this year’s Survey is similar to previous years and includes 27 short
questions. The survey may be completed manually by downloading the pdf file attached
or online by clicking on the hyperlink: using a
computer, laptop, android or iphone.
To ensure that beekeepers can access the survey in the easiest way possible, this
hyperlink: and all versions of the survey will also
be forwarded to the secretary of your local beekeepers associations for circulation to all
members and will also be available on the NIHBS webpage.
Please participate as your contribution will be very much appreciated
Thank you
Mary F/ John

The annual COLOSS survey on winter colony losses is now available for completion online by
clicking the hyperlink:
Alternatively, it can be completed manually by printing the pdf file
Completed surveys should be returned to Mary F Coffey, Oldtown, Templemore, Co Tipperary
Closing date is 1 June 2020

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