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Apis mellifera mellifera

Ralph Büchler lectures at NIHBS conference Athlone

Dr. Ralph Büchler will be giving two lectures at the NIHBS conference.

The first is on Friday 9th February at 6pm and is titled
Organisation and breeding program of the German breeder association AGT.’

The second lecture will be given on Saturday 10th February at 11.30am and is titled
Selection of resistant honey bees with special regard to Suppressed Mite Reduction, Varroa Sensitive Hygiene and recapping behaviour.’

Working with honey bees since his youth, Büchler studied Agriculture and Biology at Bonn University and finished his PhD in Bee Science.   In 1990 he moved to the Bee Institute in Kirchhain which is one of the larger German training and research centers for beekeeping. Since 1997,  he is leading the Institute with its about 20 co-workers.

Honey bee selection, disease resistance and alternative varroa treatment concepts are in the focus of Büchler´s research activities.  He is participating in or co-ordinating several international research projects, author of hundreds of papers, book contributions and scientific films.   He acts as a scientific adviser for the breeder association  “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Toleranzzucht” and as vice chair of the German association of bee research institutes.

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