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Project Officer Vacancy All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

Please see below details of a Project Officer Vacancy at the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

Dear Pollinator Plan partner,

Our project officer Dr Erin Jo Tiedeken has been offered a job back in the US and is leaving us in a few weeks. We have made huge progress over the last 12 months. This is largely due to the skill and professionalism Erin Jo has brought to the role and we will miss her enormously.

The support and enthusiasm for the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is massive and continues to grow. The project officer position is absolutely crucial in implementation and we are extremely grateful to the Heritage Council and Bord Bia for providing the funding that makes it possible. We are coordinating ever increasing numbers of organisations, businesses and individuals who are all taking action for pollinators. We hope to refill the project officer position as soon as possible to continue this momentum.

In the interim, I will oversee as best I can but it will be a number of months before we are back at full capacity and able to provide day-to-day public support. As partners please feel free to contact me personally on anything that you need to.

The position is re-advertised here: If you could distribute this through your own channels we would be very grateful

All the best
Dr Úna FitzPatrick
Project co-ordinator: All-Ireland Pollinator Plan National Biodiversity Data Centre 051-306240

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