Native Irish Honey Bee Society – Apis mellifera mellifera

Native Irish Honey Bee Society
Apis mellifera mellifera

NUIG researchers come up with plan bee for survival

We have a subspecies in Ireland that is endangered in Europe, and Ireland is likely to be the last stronghold of this species,” said Prof Grace McCormack, from the Molecular Evolution and Systematics Laboratory at NUI Galway

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  1. I think there is a hive of native Irish bee in an old mill next to me. It has recently been disturbed by road works . Is it possible to have it identified ?

  2. Hi

    We have a hive of bees under the eaves of our house (in the Tipperary countryside) fir at least 15 years. Who do we contact in NUI Galway, re the Irish Times article looking for bees, to see if they are what they are looking for?

    Many thanks

  3. Hi, you can contact and we will be in touch with you. We had a great response to our article and it will take quite a lot of time to visit each site but we plan to do just that. In the meantime if you can send pictures and even a sample of a few bees that would be great as we can get started with the lab work on them.
    Thanks a mill,

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