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Killinchy Beekeeper makes old style CDB hives

CDB hive
Billy Miller, Killinchy beekeeper and native bee enthusiast has made 12 Cedar CDB hives from a 100 year old cedar tree from Co Wicklow, victim of the recent winter storms.
This hand made hive is a real work of art.
Chris Hodges who runs the Killinchy queen rearing group says ‘Given our affection for the native bee we have decided the black bee in the traditional hive is a great option so in the near future a 2014 Queen and a nuc of bees will have a fabulous new home’
If you are interested in purchasing one of these you can contact Billy at for details.

Read more about CDB hives on the Dave Cushman website

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  1. Billy Miller is to be congratulated on his workmanship and on his interest in the CDB hives; Chris Hodges is quite right when he says these hives are the traditional home of our indigenous black bee. Some of the hives have additional boxes, are these doubling boxes for run honey?
    Perhaps Billy would give us all a treat by writing a little about these hives.

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