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Court told of ‘bizarre’ bee hive case

A Limavady pensioner who says he is allergic to bees was stung with a £200 fine after he pleaded guilty to attempted theft of a bee hive, writes Sheena Jackson.

Lawrence Dickson of Ardgarvan Cottages appeared at Limavady Magistrates Court on Wednesday in what his barrister described as “a bizarre case”.

When police arrived at Drumrane Road on May 30 at 11.15pm, Dickson had been detained by a witness who said he’d seen suspicious activity by the 78-year-old and another male. The witness said he’d seen the beehive – valued at £540 – fall to the ground. The second male had fled, but Dickson was detained until police arrived as the witness had taken the keys from his vehicle parked in a lane. Dickson was searched and handed over the contents of his pockets to police but, when the officer realised he had four live bees in his hand he released them, and Dickson stamped on them. Dickson initially denied stamping on the bees, but later admitted it saying he did it because they were dangerous.

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