Voluntary conservation areas

Several local associations have already made a voluntary declaration to work exclusively with our native Irish honeybee.

Derry and district BKA last night voted to become a voluntary conservation area for Amm. Other groups to have done the same this year are; Co Offlay BKA, North Kildare BKA,  South Kildare BKA  and South Laois BKA.

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2 Responses to Voluntary conservation areas

  1. John Morgan says:

    Menapian Beekeepers Association and Menapian Bee Breeders Group declare that we work exclusively with native Irish honey bees, working where and when possible to re-queen hybridized colonies.
    We have two current projects on-going:
    Testing the isolation intregity of the small Saltee
    Rewilding Native Honeybees in Co. Wexford

  2. webmaster says:

    those sound like great projects John

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