Menapian Bee Breeding Group

Based in Wexford.
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Contact: John Morgan

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  1. David says:


    I have a Queen less hive and I am trying to purchase a Queen to introduce. Is this something you can advise on? Thanks in advance.


  2. webmaster says:

    First question is how do you know it is queenless?

  3. David says:

    Its a long story, the original Queen was clipped and marked (for this year) and had swarmed and I managed to catch the swarm and put it in a nuc. All was well for a few weeks but I didn’t notice any laying and I found her outside the nuc one day dead. I did see a Queen cell at this time (at the end of June) which was open when I inspected a week or so later. There is no evidence of laying still and I have not been able to spot a queen. I’d like to try to salvage the colony and think the next step is to re-Queen.

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