Killinchy queen rearing group

Based in Co. Down, Ards Peninsula

Contact: Chris and Valentine Hodges:

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  1. Chris Hodges says:

    We have now started our Queen rearing group based at our home apiary at Ash Cottage.
    One of our two Galtee Queens has been accepted and is laying well.
    The next meeting will commence grafting from “the Red Queen” and we hope to populate the ARDS Peninsula with native bees as all the local beekeepers are involved with our group.
    Thanks to Jonathan Getty for keeping us on the right track.

  2. webmaster says:

    That great you have all the local beekeepers on board as the Ards Peninsula will not be easily reached by drones from elsewhere.

  3. INVERBRENA over 50s group Strangford says:

    do you do talks to groups about honey and how you turn honey into beauty products
    What would the cost be

  4. I am a bee keeper on the Ards Peninsula. I have a nuc that I bought at the end of last year and seemed to swarm mid March. Do you have any spare Queens from your Project? I have hives in Portaferry, Kircubbin and Kearney and interested to connect with other bee keepers.

  5. webmaster says:

    Try contacting Chris Hodges in your area

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