Athlone Springs hotel discounted rooms

The Athlone Springs hotel has offered rooms at a discount to anyone attending the NIHBS conference. There are still a few left but the cut off date for the discount is next Tuesday 23rd January

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Setting up a queen rearing group – Jonathan Getty

Jonathan Getty will be giving a lecture on how to set up a queen rearing group at 7pm on Friday 9th Feb at the NIHBS conference in Athlone.

Jonathan Getty is secretary of the Belfast & District branch of the Ulster Beekeepers Association and is at least a fourth generation beekeeper in the Getty family. His main beekeeping interest is queen rearing based on our native bee Apis mellifera mellifera. He started up the Belfast Minnowburn queenrearing group several years ago and he also manages over 70 colonies of his own. Jonathan holds a BSc Hons in Psychology from Queens University Belfast and gained a postgraduate teaching qualification at Stranmillis Training College. He is a fluent Spanish speaker.

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Ralph Büchler lectures at NIHBS conference Athlone

Dr. Ralph Büchler will be giving two lectures at the NIHBS conference.

The first is on Friday 9th February at 6pm and is titled
Organisation and breeding program of the German breeder association AGT.’

The second lecture will be given on Saturday 10th February at 11.30am and is titled
Selection of resistant honey bees with special regard to Suppressed Mite Reduction, Varroa Sensitive Hygiene and recapping behaviour.’

Working with honey bees since his youth, Büchler studied Agriculture and Biology at Bonn University and finished his PhD in Bee Science.   In 1990 he moved to the Bee Institute in Kirchhain which is one of the larger German training and research centers for beekeeping. Since 1997,  he is leading the Institute with its about 20 co-workers.

Honey bee selection, disease resistance and alternative varroa treatment concepts are in the focus of Büchler´s research activities.  He is participating in or co-ordinating several international research projects, author of hundreds of papers, book contributions and scientific films.   He acts as a scientific adviser for the breeder association  “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Toleranzzucht” and as vice chair of the German association of bee research institutes.

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Bees, Beekeepers and the environment – Willie O’ Byrne

Willie O’ Byrne will be giving a talk at the NIHBS conference on Saturday 10th Feb.
Willie started beekeeping in 1984 with one hive of bees, which, provided the spark to progress to managing 40 stocks.  He uses wooden Nationals with a small compliment of polystyrene hives of mixed designs.  Nuclei are both wood and polystyrene.  He has native black bees, bringing in queens from reputable Irish sources to maintain quality.

Over the years Willie has written the “Cribbage” section of An Beachaire as well as doing “Questions and Answers”.   He continues to write beekeeping articles for the Irish Country Living section of the Irish Farmers Journal on a six to eight week interval.

Willie contributes to beekeeping education by lecturing at association level and at the summer school in Gormanston.  He has delivered many beginners courses over the years which have benefited beekeeping.   He also visits schools and provide talks at clubs.

Willie O’Byrne, C.F.L. Nat. Dip. Sc. (Apic), Nat. Cert. Sc. (Apic), Bee-master, Food Hygiene Cert. 

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NIHBS Conference Traders

This is the time of year to prepare for the next bee season. If you need frames, foundation, a nuc box, queen rearing equipment or some bee related reading material, the NIHBS conference on 9th-10th February is the place to be.

Traders confirmed for the event include:

  • Donegal Bees,
  • Paul O’ Sullivan 
  • Irish Bee books
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NIHBS Conference agenda

Conference agenda

Athlone Springs Hotel, 9th 10th February

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Membership form 2018

Nihbs membership form 2018


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Conference and AGM 2018

The conference and AGM will take place on the 9th-10th February in Athlone.

Conference details will follow later

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How our very own bees got their buzz back

I asked how each hive came to have its own personality? “It all has to do with the queen,” she explained. “The big thing in beekeeping now is breeding quiet bees. We have a guy in our association, Keith Pierce, who breeds queens. But he’s trying to breed what he calls balcony bees – where the bee is so quiet, you could have them out on your balcony.”

Read more in the Independent


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Irish researcher proves native honeybee not extinct after all

“We have found that not only are these black bees a pure form of Apis mellifera mellifera, but they also have markers specific only to Ireland. The vast majority of the DNA samples taken showed greater than 95 per cent purity for Apis mellifera mellifera; the native honeybee for northern Europe and Ireland,” he said. “The study exceeded all our expectations, and has excited beekeepers across the continent. It has belied the myth that there is no native Irish honeybee in existence.”

Read more in the Irish Times

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