Mite counts for NUIG

NUIG wishes to clarify a misunderstanding some beekeepers might have regarding samples of bees to send in.
The bees are returned alive and well to their hive

The bees are returned alive and well to their hive

Keith Browne needs a sample of ten bees from each hive where a mite count has taken place.
If a bee sample was sent in previously, there is no need to send in a new sample unless the queen has changed 6-8 weeks previously.
If there has been no change in the queen status of the colony then the beekeeper does not need to send us a new sample.
And anyone who has not submitted a sample yet, please do so!

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3 Responses to Mite counts for NUIG

  1. Taalye Peter says:

    Hello Nuig! Am working with youths and smallholder farrmers to plant trees and forests with in communities here in Uganda. Recently, we decided to merge reforestation and Beekeeping to work in concert as a way of creating an income geenerating activity for those engaged in tree planting. My question is that how do we get to work together as partners. Visit our website

  2. David Lee says:

    Do I need a sheet for count results or will I just email them to you

  3. webmaster says:

    The forms can be downloaded here

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