Honeybee Info.

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  1. Isabella Hickey says:

    Would you have a list of specific flowering shrubs that particularly attract honey bees.
    Thank you.

  2. webmaster says:

    Hi NIHBS does not have a list but there are quite a few decent lists on the internet if you google for ‘flowering shrubs which attract bees’
    eg this one

    Best wishes,
    Good luck planning your bee friendly garden.

  3. Laura Moore says:


    Can you advise me if there is any sort of protected status for our native honey bee?
    Our neighbour found a hive in the lawn at the end of his garden and my mother, a hobby bee keeper, identified them as the dark native honey bee (this was confirmed then by a very experienced bee keeper friend). Despite this, and her offer to transport the hive to a local community vegetable farm where they are developing a bee sanctuary, our neighbour pumped the hive full of chemicals used for killing wasps nests, filled it with sand, has covered it with plastic sheeting and secured it with bricks (acting on the advice of another neighbour who is well known for not loving anything from nature).
    We are horrified by this. Is there any status that these bees have that we can use to help our neighbour realise their importance and just how damaging his actions are?

    Kind regards,

  4. webmaster says:

    Honey bees don’t nest in the ground. They must have been bumble bees or some other kind of bee.
    It is a pity people have so little respect for nature

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