Romée van der Zee


–          Artistic career as a dancer and moviemaker

–          Studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam

–          Development of city renewal plans for degrading 19th century areas; employed by the city of Amsterdam.


–          Started first Dutch Monitor Honey Bee Winter Survival study in 2003, which has been repeated yearly till since

–          Was part of the founding working group (2007) on honey bee colony losses which developed to the present COLOSS expert network. Was chair of the Monitoring working group in 2007-08 and again since 2010.

Scientific position

–          Chair Netherlands Centre of Bee Research (Nederlands Centrum Bijenonderzoek, NCB)

–          Chair COLOSS working group ‘Monitoring and Diagnosis’

Current research projects:

–          Annual international COLOSS monitoring projects on honey bee colony losses and explaining factors; development and analysis. (Funded by Ministry of Economic Affairs)

–          Annual Dutch monitoring on colony losses and possible explaining factors. (Funded by Ministry of Economic Affairs)

–          Monitor study on pesticides and other factors in relation to honey bee winter losses. (Funded by Ministry of Economic Affairs)

–          Reproduction success of Varroa destructor in Apis mellifera mellifera colonies at the Dutch island of  Texel.

–          Virulence and polar tube protein genetic diversity of Nosema ceranae (Microsporidia) field isolates from Northern and Southern Europe in honey bees (Apis mellifera iberiensis). (Funded by Ministry of Economic Affairs)

Recent articles, open source downloads in English

–          VAN DER ZEE, R (2010) Colony losses in the Netherlands. Journal of Apicultural Research Vol. 49 (1): 121-123.

–          VAN DER ZEE, R; PISA, L; ANDONOV, S; BRODSCHNEIDER, R; CHARRIÈRE, J-D;HLEBO, R; COFFEY, M F; CRAILSHEIM, K; DAHLE, B; GAJDA, A; GRAY, A; DRAZIC, MM; HIGES, M; KAUKO, L; KENCE, A; KENCE, M; KEZIC, N; KIPRIJANOVSKA, H; KRALJ, J;KRISTIANSEN, P; MARTIN-HERNANDEZ, R; MUTINELLI, F; NGUYEN, B K; OTTEN, C;ÖZKIRIM, A; PERNAL, S F; PETERSON, M; RAMSAY, G; SANTRAC, V; SOROKER, V;TOPOLSKA, G; UZUNOV, A; VEJSNÆS, F; WEI, S; WILKINS, S (2012) Managed honeybee colony losses in Canada, China, Europe, Israel and Turkey, for the winters of 2008–2009 and 2009–2010. Journal of Apicultural Research, 51(1): 100-114.

–          VAN DER ZEE, R; GRAY, A; HOLZMANN, C; PISA, L; BRODSCHNEIDER, R; CHLEBO, R; COFFEY, M F; KENCE, A; KRISTIANSEN, P; MUTINELLI, F; NGUYEN, B K; ADJLANE, N; PETERSON, M; SOROKER, V; TOPOLSKA, G; VEJSNÆS, F; WILKINS, S (2012) Standard survey methods for estimating colony losses and explanatory risk factors in Apis mellifera. In V Dietemann; J D Ellis; P Neumann (Eds) The COLOSS BEEBOOK, Volume I: Standard methods for Apis mellifera research. Journal of Apicultural Research 52(4):

Recent reports, open source downloads in Dutch at

–          VAN DER ZEE, R and PISA, L; Honey bee colony losses 2009-10 and toxic invert sugar syrup;  investigation of the toxicity for bees of Sint-Ambrosius (Fructo-Bee) Syrup

–          VAN DER ZEE, R and PISA, L; Monitor Overwintering Honey Bee Colonies 2010

–          VAN DER ZEE, R and PISA, L; Monitor Overwintering Honey Bee Colonies 2011

–          VAN DER ZEE, R and PISA, L; Monitor Overwintering Honey Bee Colonies 2012


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