Dara Scott

Dara Scott has been a beekeeper for over a decade.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Science from the National University of Ireland, Galway, along with a Diploma in Technology from the Galway & Mayo Institute of Technology.

After graduation he worked in the healthcare diagnostic industry, and subsequently went on to work with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Research Institute based in the US. Following a number of years of product research into bee health he set up Advance Science in Ireland in 2010. For Dara and Advance Science (the company that developed HiveAlive) research and development is a key priority especially in developing new products for the company.  This research is conducted in association with scientists and the wider beekeeping community primarily in Europe and the US.

Through this work, Dara has gained a broad knowledge of bee health and international best practice which he hopes may be of some benefit to the beekeeping community in Ireland. In particular, he would like to see honey bees once again survive and thrive in the wild. The proposed project “Breeding for Varroa Resistance in Ireland” is one step towards this goal, while also having the additional benefit of improving our native bee stock across the island of Ireland.

2 Responses to Dara Scott

  1. AnnMarie Walsh says:

    Hi Dara,
    Just wondering where I could buy some of your great honey.

    kind Regards,

  2. Patrick Casey says:

    Hi Dara

    I have read your paper on breeding Varroa Resistant Bees and I have found it very interesting i have the same taught myself regarding being chemical free and have been a chemical free beekeeper since i moved back home to Ireland 2 years ago, i am a firm believer in chemical free beekeeping and letting the
    bees find their own way on how to deal with the mite either through
    A. Grooming,
    B. Uncapping infected sealed brood
    I think its about time we all went down this route and not be relying on chemicals to solve the Varroa problem .
    Some beekeepers in the states are chemical free beekeepers for a few years now and are having great success against Varroa.

    keep up the good work and please keep me informed regards any updates with the above.


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