Events 2017

NIHBS conference and AGM, 10th-11th February Athlone Springs Hotel

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  3. margieanne ryan says:

    hi i had a hive in my shed last year unfortunately i accidently killed the queen bee when i started to clean my shed, they bee’s eventually went away, today because it was such a nice day i discovered they bee’s are back again they are a very small brown bee, i was wondering if somebody wanted them if they set up a colony again , i wouldnt want to disturb them but at the same time i wont be able to go into my shed as they attacked me last year and i got stung, any suggestions, i thought all bee;s died every year’ thanks for reading this

  4. webmaster says:

    They are probably bumble bees rather than honeybees.

  5. Fiona Rainey says:

    I would like to make an enquiry re bee keeping courses. I would be most grateful if you would forward details of any classes available.

    Kind regards
    Fiona Rainey

  6. webmaster says:

    Courses are run via local beekeeping associations so that would be the best place to check out dates and venues.

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