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  1. Robert Andrews says:

    I am interested in attending one or more Queen rearing workshop

  2. Jonathan Getty says:

    Hi Robert.
    There is now an updated list of summer 2013 events and workshops above

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  4. Peter Neary says:

    I am just back in Mayo, on a short break from Uganda where I worked as a volunteer bee keeper for the last two years. I heard about your upcoming course towards the end of June from a Donegal CDB hive maker we had recently in Ballina County Mayo.
    Needless to say I am strapped for cash and wanted to know the terms and conditions attached to your course as I’m not a member of any organization.
    I sincerely hope you can somehow accommodate me at a reasonable rate- if not I will understand fully.
    I have already sent this email to the chairperson but got no reply. My number is 0873300644
    Peter Neary

  5. webmaster says:


    Hi Peter.
    I am one of the speakers and will be involved in the practical demonstration but am not involved with organising it.
    It is being organised by Cavan Beekeepers and I am speaking on behalf of the Native Irish Honeybee Society.

    The guy in charge is Alan Brady and you can contact him at “Alan Brady”
    These things are not usually very expensive but Alan should have the details.

    PS. Found this via google. price seems to be 40 Euro.

    Jonathan Getty

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  7. Colette O'Connell says:

    I would like to say well done to Alan Brady and the Cavan Beekeepers Association for the excellent day of lectures and hands on experience which they organised in Cavan last Saturday. The standard of lectures and presentations was excellent. The knowledge imparted will hopefully spread with the confidence that attendees got from trying out grafting etc. Who would have thought that some of these skills will end up with beekeepers on the ground in Uganda? As well as hard work, there was also time for lighthearted fun and jokes, which ensured that all departed Castle Saunderson smiling. Well done to all !

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