About Us

  • What is the Native Irish Honey Bee Society?
    NIHBS was established in November 2012 by a group of beekeepers who wish to support the various strains of Native Irish Honey Bee (Apis mellifera mellifera) throughout the country. It is a cross border organisation and is open to all. It consists of members and representatives from all corners of the island of Ireland.DSCF3132lores
  • Requirements for membership
  • You do not have to be a member of a another beekeeping organisation.
  • You do not have to be a beekeeper to join


  • NIHBS – Plans for the future
    • Liaise with groups interested in Native Honey Bees
    • Will apply for funding to help support and conserve Native Honey Bees
    • Will help to co-ordinate projects
    • Will raise awareness to beekeepers and the public about the values of Native Honey Bees
    • Talks and lectures relating to Native Honey Bees and their advantages in Irish beekeeping



16 Responses to About Us

  1. We run a community garden in Stillorgan Co Dublin and give classes to schoolchildren about nature and gardening every Wednesday. A friend put a beehive into our wild meadow some years ago and we noticed ‘scouts’ looking around it in recent weeks.
    On Wednesday 19th June during class, the children shouted as a huge dark cloud of bees passed overhead. It was the most amazing sight and sound that I have ever witnessed. We got some photos which are on our Facebook page. The bees have taken up residence in the hive and seem quite happy.
    Unfortunately the hive is next to the primary school and we are worried that small children may come too close for comfort. We intend to fence around it.
    I have asked Bee Green Education to make up a ‘bee’ fact sign for us. We are a non profit making organisation and I wondered if the Bee society would like to fund the sign for us and then we could have a really impressive permanent one!

    Aside from all this. I would like a membership application as I want to learn how to get at the honey. I know a swarm in June is only a silver spoons, but it’s better than nothing! Our classes start up again in September and we would love someone from the society to come and give the children a talk about the honey bees.

    PS we also have a bumblebee nest in our compost heap so we are a definite favourite amongst the bee world.

    Yours etc
    Caroline Jolley

  2. Didn’t know that was going up on your home page! Anyway both requests still stand .

  3. webmaster says:

    Hi Caroline. You can download a membership form here.
    I’ll forward you message on to Keith Pierce of Dublin Beekeepers and he can probably put you in touch with the right people.
    There is a lot to learn in Beekeeping and most people start by joining their local association, taking a course and finding a mentor.

    Co Dublin beekeepers have a website

  4. christy murray says:

    Help, a swarm (nest?) Of bumblebees in a turf shed which is now needed to be refilled with next winters turf shortly… would not like to harm them if there’s any other way of moving them help

    Shed is located near Kildare town… any helpful emails gratefully appreciated



  5. Denise says:

    I think I have 2 beehives in the garden i was just wondering do yous come out and take them away

  6. webmaster says:

    Whereabouts are they? In the ground they are likely to be wasps or bumblebees. Honeybees nest in a cavity in a tree or a hollow of some sort.

  7. Brendan Glynn says:

    I have friend who wants to leave you a’ few bob’ in their Will and has asked me to find a ‘deserving body – and your’s seems appropriate
    So can you send me details which can be passed on to my friend (they are not very good on computers and so have asked me)
    I look forward to hearing from you

  8. webmaster says:

    Hi Brendan. leave it with me and I will check out the details you need and get back to you.

  9. Reuben Drew says:

    Hi I’m doing some tree work in a park in Brough cnr L1414 and R512 we have found a bees nest in a fallen tree by the river. They are in logs that have been stacked on site.

  10. webmaster says:

    Glad to hear the bees have now been safely retrieved

  11. Arthur says:

    Hi,I would like to know some information about where I could sell honey and what documents I need, thank you!

  12. Jill Uí Dhuinn-Bhig says:

    Seachtain na gCrann – 4-11 Márta i TG4


  13. Eleanor Attridge says:

    We are looking for 10 beekeepers to make up AMM nucs( disease free on new foundation) now to be ready for the 2019 Winter oilseed rape season for a POSHBEE PROJECT under Horizon 2020 funding . Please contact the FIBKA Beehealth Officer for further details

  14. webmaster says:

    Hi Eleanor. I have posted your info on the main part of the website. Good luck with recruiting volunteers and nucs.

  15. Eleanor Attridge says:

    Brilliant , thanks very much

  16. Peter Cuthbert says:

    Worked with Beowulf A Cooper years ago, now provide technical plant information to National Biodiversity Data Center, would like to join

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